i don’t do regular consulting – i will work on understanding your business first, and make assessments later.

i don’t have recipe for it setup – each industry has it’s needs, and your business has unique approach.

i’m lazy – i don’t spin my wheels, i hate repetitive tasks and always look for more efficient ways.

i’m shrewd negotiator – i don’t like paying same as others.

nothing is impossible, my motto is – if you can think of it, i can make it happen.

– does your business have ‘standard’ it setup and you are trying to adapt to it?
– are you working on modest it budget and need creative ways of managing it?
– do you believe that it should be easier?
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i specialize in apple and macintosh platform, and integration with other components of your existing it infrastructure.

purchase and setup
thinking about ditching pc and switching to ‘dark side’? or looking for advice on upgrade path? not sure what fit your needs better: desktop or laptop? or does your company need complete server/workstations solution?

i will listen to your needs, analyze best fit for your business model and help purchase right equipment. no commissions and no hidden fees.  i don’t like paying same as others, and i will help you get the best deal, advise on best time to purchase and best options.

if you have existing infrastructure in place or looking for complete overhaul of you existing setup, or if you just need second opinion about your current it, i can help. i helped integrate open directory and single sign-on authentication for canwest global, global tv and capilano university, and i can help you too.

i speak both geek language and down to earth, easy to understand plain english (oh, and russian too).

specializing in apple macintosh setup

  • open directory setup and replication
  • mobile device management server
  • integration with microsoft active directory
  • exchange and kerio mail servers
  • virtualization, cloud services
  • linux firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system & vpn
  • project management and workflow solutions
  • security patches, best practices and audit preparation
  • it security, policies/procedures and documentation
  • compliance, audits, rfps

training and troubleshooting
wherever your business requires training for newly hired staff or need simple to understand answer for burning issue, i can help. patient and experienced in training for various levels and different industry professionals.

there are no ‘stupid’ questions and there is no question that i can’t answer (really, try it). some might be answered quickly, for some i would need more time.

with secure and highly-available remote assistance tools, i can solve most of the problems remotely, seriously, even from the chair lift while skiing in whistler.

wicked skills

listing skills will prove that i stay on top of latest technologies.

i stay current with latest innovations, tech blogs, current trends so you don’t have to.

cloud computing, mobile platforms, virtualization – those are just few buzz words that you might be fed by others.

but listing skills can also be to my disadvantage.

what if the technology you use, or technology you need assistance with is not listed?

well, my experience will speak for what i’ve done, and trust me, i’ve learned all of that and always keep on learning.


i’ve been working with mac os x system since panther (10.3), integrated os x 10.4 tiger with windows active directory and assisted with summer roll out of os x 10.8 mountain lion classroom upgrades for capilano university.

secured prime’s network using openvpn and shorewall firewall, combined with snort based ids system.

provided assistance with security audits from canada government and johnson&johnson. managed project delivery for canadian tourism commission’s worldwide conference.

migrated entire vancouver island newspaper group (ving) from os 9 to os x, provided parallel system to make sure daily newspapers are hitting the press on-time.

setup replicated open directory system for two dozen sites between chilliwack and campbell river/ucluelet spanning across 350km.

travelled for months, thousands of kilometres, to deliver worry free setup. after all, i was supporting over 200 workstations and 20+ servers and i needed robust and solid remote administration system using apple ard.

created high-availability, high-performance network-based home folders over at north shore news, when interns could log in on any computer in largest community newspaper newsroom and access their desktop from sas based xserves.

integrated open directory with country-wide active directory infrastructure of canwest global, helped global tv do the same.

setup close to two dozens of os x 10.4 tiger servers while at lower mainland publishing, canwest company.

my experience is not limited to it infrastructure setup. working in various industries, i pride to be able to closely understand nature of every aspect of business operation, listen to departmental needs, understand challenges in across-department information flow, and come up with solid solution.

event planning was one of the most high-demanding and least-organized industries i worked with. it needs constant flexibility, on-demand information availability and multi-user access with flexible, yet solid access controls.

don’t get me wrong, daily newspaper publishing is as high-stress and tight-deadlines environment with very little room for error. multiple stories, constantly updating files, high standards of pdf and sensitivity of press rips.

whatever industry your business is in, even if it is an industry on its own, i use same approach – i learn your business before suggesting solutions.

below are some examples of my work, more details will be published on my blog section as i get to it.

drop me a line

did you find a spelling mistake or interested in taking your it to the next level?

give me a call 778.996.5471, or, if you are too busy, fill in that form and magic of the internet will turn it into pigeon mail and send it to me.