kerio mail

131674-thumb_keriowhen it comes to robust email server, shared calendaring, global contacts and mobile integration, everybody thinks of ms exchange.

but there is a much better alternative, kerio mail server. fraction of the cost of exchange, multi-platform and light-weight.

prime needed email solution, shared calendaring, global contacts list, resources scheduling and all that should work with mobile devices: blackberries and iphones.

apart from price point, point taking to consideration was the fact that kerio mail server can be installed on dedicated linux server. i worked with mike from getsynced (former intek) and he was very accommodating to my unique request.

you see, prime’s authentication structure was tight to open directory, all groups were also set in open directory. kerio can connect to pretty much any ldap server, but that’s for contact list, authentication was designed to incorporate kerberos signal sign-on. through trial and error, kerio server was kerberized, appropriate firewall rules were set and email server works like a charm.

unconventional thinking and right suppliers – is sometimes all you need.