Mac OS X Infrastructure

WorkgroupManagerIconXthroughout my experience i’ve set up dozens of server and many hundreds of workstations. centralized open directory infrastructure was fine tuned over months while working at lower mainland publishing, part of the canwest media group back in early 2000s.

with central open directory master, running 10.4 version of  mac os x server software, over 20 replicas were scattered across lower mainland and vancouver island – all the way from most-western point in ucluelet, at westerly news newspaper, to deep inside city of chilliwack in lower mainland.

each site met me with challenge, small or big, i managed to concur them all.

westerly news had 2 people in the office, while northshore news had over 70. nanaimo daily news was daily newspaper and roll out of new equipment, switching from quark to indesign overnight meant risking thousands of dollars in revenue.

but after all was done, managing such infrastructure was a breeze. with remote tools as robust as apple remote desktop and as simple as terminal.